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  • Movie Packages

  • All prices quoted below are for unsupervised rentals. If you request a staff member to supervise the event we can arrange for that. Staff members will set up, and provide instructions for the equipment and for the operation of concession machines. Staff members will also take amateur photos of your event and the company will email them to you. 

    For a supervised event, please add $200 to the below prices. 

  • Our bronze package includes a 16' X 9 ' (16:9 aspect ratio) inflatable movie screen, Eiki projector w/hdmi adapter. This screen can accommodate a crowd size of approximately 200 people. Also included will be a small folding table for the projector and an 8-foot folding table. 

    We will deliver, set-up, and give you a tutorial on how to use the projector. We can also show you how to hook up your cable or other streaming devices to it.

    $125 non-refundable deposit is required for the bronze package.

  • Our Silver Package includes everything from the Bronze Package includes plus our Blu-ray player, Fire TV Stick,  and ION Outback Explorer speaker. 

    $100 non-refundable deposit required for the silver package. 

  • The Gold Package includes all of the Bronze and Silver packages plus a few of our a la carte package add-ons. So you get the 16'X9' inflatable HD screen, projector, Blu-ray player, Fire TV Stick, ION Outback Explorer speaker, 10 glow stick necklaces, and the popcorn machine.

    With the popcorn machine, your first 25 popcorn bags are included. If you need extra we can include 10 more for $5.

  • A la carte menu

  • $25 - Easy up canopy

    $10 - Set of Tables and chairs includes 1 6' Folding table and 6 chairs

    $8 - Per folding table

    $5 - Small folding table

    $5 - Per folding chair

    $50 ION Outdoor Speaker

    $25 Blu-Ray Player

    $20 Amazon Fire Stick

    $50 Popcorn Machine see our Concession page for details and description

    $6   Glow Stick Necklaces, 22" (10 count)

    $50 Generator