• South Texas Bounce

    Happy people is our business!

  • Rental Checklist

    Payment is due at the time of delivery. When paying with cash we ask for exact change as our drivers do not carry change with them. We no longer accept checks as a form of payment. 
    If Gratuity is deserved, it is welcomed by our Delivery personnel. 
    • Make sure the area where the inflatable will go is free of all sharp objects and doggie poo.
    • Please ensure a clear path to the setup area.
    • Make sure there is a power source within 50 ft of the inflatable. We will provide up to a 50 ft extension cord at no charge. 
    • Saftey is important to us, so at all times our rides must be supervised. Unless otherwise arranged, we expect you to keep an eye on your little ones while on our inflatables. 
    • Never operate or allow the operation of one of our inflatables when the wind is in excess of 20 MPH. No matter how well we tie our bounces down, in high winds, the tie downs may become ineffective. 
    • Never attempt to move the inflatable once it has been secured by South Texas Bounce. If you need to move it, please call us and we will arrange to come back out and move it for you. 

    Emergency Procedures:

    In the unlikely event of Severe Weather Alert, Power Failure, or Medical Emergency, the 
    following procedures should be followed.

    • Call the appropriate emergency responders if necessary.
    • Exit riders in an orderly fashion away from the inflatable.
    • Turn off the blower and unplug from outlet.
    • Keep riders away from the inflatable device.
    • Contact South Texas Bounce